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Monday, March 6, 2017

Monday Motivation- Work Your Way Around the Obstacles

The weather in Connecticut 2 Fridays ago was absolutely gorgeous. In fact, it was so gorgeous, I decided to surprise the girls and bring them to the park after school! The only problem was, I made the decision hours before they would be getting out of school.

I'm going to assume you've made plans before, which means that you know the "dangers" of planing too far ahead. As much as I had wanted to take the girls to the park, I spent much of the day trying to figure out which park would be the easiest to get to right after I picked them up, whether or not I should attempt to bring my nephew home first (I opted not to), and whether I should stop for snacks or pack some from home (I opted to stop). 

Things would be easier if both girls got out of school at the same time, but there is just about an hour in between. My nephew decided that he didn't want to go to the park, so instead of having time to stop for snacks in the hour lull, I end up having to bring him home, which means a drive across town  and back . Traffic in our town drives me crazy on days when I am not in a rush, but since I kind of am now, my mind is racing and I am debating not taking the girls to the park after all. I mean, they didn't even know they were going, they wouldn't be missing out on anything......

But, R and I get back to the school and get D. We all head to the store and grab snacks as quickly as we can and then head toward their "surprise" (I still haven't told them). We are about half way to our destination and I realize that I am driving to the park that is not at all the one that I had planned on and in addition to it being a bit out of the way, there is so much traffic on the way there. But, we made it to a park!

If I had decided to let all of the "obstacles" of the day keep me from taking them to the park, we all would have missed on some great weather, fresh air, lots of fun, and we would be stuck waiting a while for the next opportunity because the weather this past Friday was definitely not park weather. 

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