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Friday, July 29, 2016

Happy National Lipstick Day Plus a Coupon Code for You!

Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world

It's National Lipstick Day! Although I don't wear it much nowadays, I can remember a time in my life when I NEVER left the house without it. It started in middle school, I loved bright red, because I had heard it was the favorite of one of my then celebrity crushes. 

When Mark Wahlberg was known as "Marky Mark" 

I don't remember which shades I wore in high school, but I'm pretty sure I ended up "retiring" the red for colors that were a little less bold. At that time in my life, putting on lipstick was so high on my list of priorities for getting ready to go anywhere, that I wouldn't even go to the hospital (via ambulance, long story) without putting it on!

Now, I wear mostly glosses, and usually only to church or special work related functions. It's so weird to look back. I  remember thinking, at the time, how bizarre it was that my mother could go out without putting lipstick on first. Now, I look back and wonder when it started becoming less important to me that I wear it. 

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To wish you a Happy National Lipstick Day, AVON is offering a FREE Glam Bag that comes with a Perfectly Matte Lipstick in Ravishing Rose and a Glimmersticks Lip Liner in Rose Bouquet when you place an order of $50. To take advantage of this offer, visit my my AVON e-store and enter the code LIPS during checkout. 

Are you a lipstick lover? Which is your go-to brand/color? Join the conversation on Facebook and be entered to win a prize from me!

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